• The Real Drama Mama is Born

    Posted on June 29, 2011 by in consumer, mom

    I had an idea in 2003 to write a witty blog that entertained and informed women. Women that hit the floor running with a life changing experience.  I needed to shop smarter, now with a consciousness that included someone in the high risk category, a baby, and do this with less time.  But the real learning about being the ultra consumer was sometimes, all about living and paying attention to the landmarks and little things that happen around you. Things that did not involve a transaction  where money is exchanged.  So this idea of a witty blog just sat in my journals and that’s where it stayed for a long time. Just an idea.

    Now, I have decided to write for anyone who will listen, but most off all for my daughter and myself – a therapy of sorts.  I want to write in such a way that you will learn something new, think something different, and do something you’ve never done before – sometimes laughing and crying.  All this with a brand of humor that allows me and you, to not take life so seriously.

    Let me tell you, I’ve had my share of up and downs. Terrible relationships and miserable jobs. Maybe I have not seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot.  That’s what I want to share with you here. Without my brand of  humor, I would have been unemployed and without the love and support of all my friends and ohana (family). When my friends and I would get together, usually at a happy hour somewhere or at a play date while keeping an eye on the kids, we shared our stories and would end up laughing hysterically at all of our misadventures.  My brand of humor then became our brand!


    Of course, there were some friends who were better story tellers than others. But I was told I was one of the  better story tellers.  So here I am telling you my stories in print so you can rant, read at your leisure, laugh if you want, or cry, all in the company our electronic devices.
    There are things that I come across in my daily life that amuse me as well as abuse me!  Those are the stories I want to share.


    Its always nice to shed humor on matters.  What matters do I know about?  I know I love my family, and I am an ultra consumer. I’m an expert in buying things that I think are functional that range from  electronics to  how to buy real property. But most of all I know how to have a good laugh! I call myself the “product stalker”!  I stalk the product for months until I feel it is the right time to buy!


    After working in retail for 8 years, I can’t stand to pay full price for anything! I am always interested in getting a less than retail price for the real deal because I  believe in quality.  Something that  as the best products and services  has proven itself time and time again.  The bigger the markdown, the sweeter it is.  I have found only one thing that I am not able to find a discount and we will discuss this. further.  Remind me if I forget!

    So I’m The Real Drama Mama… Nice to meet you!