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    Posted on December 27, 2012 by in Electronics, mom, Organization Tools, Uncategorized

    I have all these electronic tools but really did not feel I was really using it to its fullest or to the point where I felt that I could seamlessly do things between my Laptop and my I Devices (I touch, I Pad, and IPhone). Trying to juggle in between the I Worlds and PC world caused me lots of missed opportunities to note my stream of ideas after trying many times to conduct my electronic orchestra my frustration got to the point of giving up and doing absolutely nothing for almost two years. Once I laid my hands on it in six months my life has changed.

    Yes, you read that right it took me almost two years stand up on that conductors podium where I could not only use Evernote for real long lasting documentation to become a functional user of Evernote using I Devices and PC devices. The journey I can wholeheartedly say was well worth it!

    I say functional because I feel like I know what it takes to create a Notebook, create a note, and move those notes from folder(category) to folder and device to device. I am not sure if it is my imagination or not, but using my I Devices has made it so much easier to put up your endless streaming of ideas. The accessibility and ease of use of the I Hardware and apps make it so much more user friendly than any PC or Palm Device I have ever used.

    These I Devices are by all means not the perfect ultimate devices. For example as I type this copy on my Frist Gen I Pad the split screen is in a position where it covers the copy as the number of words increase, this makes it difficult to see what you are writing and try to move the cursor, forget it! You can see some what you are composing because the space in between the split screen is partially visible. But if your need to make changes or want to see your complete sentences that span the width of the I Pad you will have to get out of the keyboard screen. I know what you must be thinking, get the keyboard! Frankly I want to travel with less. Perhaps of I had a I Mini , I would entertain the Bluetooth keyboard size in the I Mini will compensate for the keyboard. After all, The idea is to remain functional, mobile, and most of all economical.

    Don’t we all wish we could get residuals from Apple every time we sing their praises. I really haven’t thought this way before of a corporate giant but if they make a global statement and at least make effort to help our world become a better place than kudos to you!

    So if you think you are a techno-illiterate or non-fluent I Device techie you can realize your potential and new found ability to post your insights, retrieve your ideas as fast as it take to categorize your ideas and scroll. In closing let me remind you, I am no expert on Evernote but I can get you to rely on a pretty reliable system that allows you to write on the road and store so that it is easily retrievable from both Mac or Pc computers. Evernote has so far exceeded my expectations and I have only scratched the surface and each more devices are developed.

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