• Receipt Revenge

    Posted on January 8, 2012 by in consumer, mom, Uncategorized

    Receipt revenge is the kind of revenge that all consumers should take part in and probably took part in and you did not even know it. Receipt revenge(RR) is what I have termed how a consumer reclaims fair business practices on a business establishment who is known for bargins.

    They do offer the bargins in their adds but their register often does not. So is there any bargin to the unaware consumer?

    The best way I have to defend myself is to first memorize the prices of each item you are buying. Funny I can’t remember what i ate yesterday but give me a list of all the merchandise and the prices and I can remember.
    If you can’t remember all the prices restrict your purchase to the items on sale and save the non-sale items for another time.

    Items usually not on sale are stable in price but there too, you can find errors. So much for the electronic age because ultimately a human is involved somewhere along the line.

    I love to use this method if I have the time. The thrill of getting your electronic device to help you save money is the like no other buying experience. The last way to achieve receipt revenge is to get an application from the ITunes store where you can input everything you intend to by sale item or not and match the amount on the register with the one that appears on your application. These apps can also incorporate the sales tax for your particular state or the coupons. So try it out.

    Lastly, I know you can be irrate when there the line slows down, I use to be. But just remember if you were that customer and you want to check on a price or have to wait to the manager to adjust the price then your anxiety will surely decrease.

    So good luck with the receipt revenge and let me know how much you have conquered.