• Drinking for Life

    Posted on July 31, 2011 by in consumer, Recommended Products, Uncategorized
    Gone are the days of drinking out of a plastic bottle and wincing.  Also with the flood of information of leeching toxins from plastic containers this couldn’t have come at a better time.  
    I just want to say thanks to my Real Simple Magazine, I have discovered the ultimate make my own bottled water, Lifefactory bottles,  that I do not hesitate to drink.  
     It has given water water a new ambiance.  Every time I drink it is like diving into a pristine pool at the end of a water fall because the mouth is larger than what I had been use to!  I am drinking  so much water,   I even lost weight bringing along my 2/22 Oz bottles in their built for wine size Built neoprene  bags  to work with me daily and lugging it up my 53 steps (one way) to my classroom!  Build it into your day they say! 
     This is just what I  did. Aloha (goodbye) plastic!  
    22 oz Orange Water Bottle

    Life Factory Water Bottle