• The Real Drama Mama: Back Again

    Posted on July 16, 2012 by in Budget, consumer, Uncategorized

    The Real Drama Mama: Back Again

    “Hello” once again. I am reviving my blog because now I am motivated to share my financial journey. I never have felt so “poor” in my life even if my living conditions have improved.

     I still, however, feel like we are losing some ground here. Our buying power seems to have dimished to point where number of choices have either been greatly reduced or eliminated all together. My journey will entail trying to utilize all the resources out there and to therapeutically revive our “spiritual” finances in hopes we never feel this kind of restrictiveness again and revive our free spirit once again.

    The Journey

    The Journey

    This sentiment has also been a common and frequent topic of conversation among our circle of friends and family as well. We are all trying to pay our bills and raise happy and healthy familes inspite of our downward adjustments in incomes.

    So how are we all doing it? What are we doing to make up where our income left off?

    I thought we were the only ones experencing the downturn and yes being out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean does not exclude us from the rest of the country.

    I want to share my journey. I want people to share with me all that they are doing to get through our struggles in these struggling times . This journey will take us to new products and services and inevitably new outlooks and new born behaviors.

    So come along and I look forward to your comments and ideas as I embark on this journey to feel comfortable with our new and different way of living.

    The Real Drama Mama