Living on the edge in paradise

Life-style is essential...

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Experience the highs

Life can be explosive...

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Learn to relax

Discover the beauty of every day things...

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Follow the rainbow...

there are miracles every day...

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Looking for the best deals in life...and when I shop!

There are things that I come across in my daily life that amuse me as well as abuse me! Those are the stories I want to share.

I like to share what I know.

Its always nice to shed humor on matters. What matters do I know about? I know I love my family, and I am an ultra consumer. But most of all I know how to have a good laugh!

I am a Product Stalker

I call myself the “product stalker”! I stalk the product for months until I feel it is the right time to buy! I’m an expert in buying things that I think are functional that range from electronics to how to buy real property.

I am an I-Phone Expert

I enjoy using my I-phone. This tool is an important part of my life. I'm happy to share what I know.

"I can’t stand to pay full price for anything! I am always interested in getting a less than retail price for the real deal because I believe in quality. Something that as the best products and services has proven itself time and time again. The bigger the markdown, the sweeter it is."